Heikens Ark Kate D
2009 Tri Spotted Jennet
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Height: 31"

What a dandy by Dandy who carries the Top Gun and 45 Magnum genes. Adding to her pedigree the dam is a daughter of Future Link. At three years of age Kate is a stunningly, absolutely beautifully marked jennet with black spots. We spot producers just die to produce one just like this and here she is!

Heiken's Ark Dandy
30¼" Gray & White Spotted
HA Top Gun
29" Dark Brown
McLendon's Magnum 45
28 3/4"
HA Golden
30 1/4"
RR Snow White
30½" White
Bentley's Paint
34 1/2"
Garrett's Jasmine


Circle C Kali
34" Dark Brown

MGF Future Link
32" Black
Dodge City Jack of Spades
31 1/2"
MGF Venus Giselle 27
Circle C Kahlua
33½" Brown

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